Kazakhstan GOST K Certificate of Conformity

Republic of Kazakhstan requires Mandatory GOST K Certification during the customs clearance precedures according to the Government Decree, No:367 “On mandatory confirmation of conformity of products in the Republic of Kazakhstan.” dated 20.04.2005.

After joining to the Customs Union in 2010 year, Kazakhstan started to require unified TR CU system together Russia and Byelorussia. The usage of GOST K certificates are seriously restricted and mostly replaced by TR CU Certification and Declarations for the conformity of local standards.

However, GOST K Certification is still exist, and applied for the products which are not included in EAC Certificate requirement classification lists.

For example; for High Voltage electrical equipment (more than 1 kV) there is no any Technical Regulation, and GOST K Certificates are required for customs clearance.We recommend to contact with EMCC with your product details, to be sure about the necessity or type of the GOST K Certification.

Validity and types of GOST K Certificates:

  • Shipment or Batch Certification (Shipment Contract basis).
  • Serial production Certification for 1 year.
  • Serial production Certification for 3 years. This type of certification may require production inspection & audit on the production facilities by the Kazakh Experts.

GGTN K Approval

For the products which are used in Hazardous Areas, or materials which have toxic property, Kazakhstan Government requires special permit (known as GGTN K) for the usage of these equipment by the Ministry of the Emergency Situations ROK.

GGTN K Permit certifies the products; compliance of safety requirements of Kazakhstan.

Subject products, which are used in hazardous operations of industry, oil and gas industry and mines:

  • Pressure Vessels,
  • Pressurized Valves, Pumps, Pipelines,
  • Gas-related equipment and Burners,
  • Turbines,
  • Lifting Equipment and cranes
  • Explosion-proof electrical equipment,
  • Other electrical equipment and cables

Any certification require a local Applicant Company, which is representing the Producers abroad. This company should be registered in the territory of Customs Union; our Russian Company EMCC GROUP Ltd. is registered in Moscow, Russia and serves foreign producers to obtain this requirement.