Corporate Responsibility

Before Certification; If you contact our company, for us it means your procedure already started. You can ask any questions regarding our business, we are able to answer all of them. Being communicable is one of our important company policy items.

We know the urgency of the issues, and you will receive our quotation as soon as possible with all details : breakdown of subject products, certification schedule, price, payment schedule, all other terms and conditions.

During Certification; we shall find the complete business solution for your company, organize business travels of Experts, receipt of samples which were sent to Russia, testing and certification issue.

We respect the commercial and technical secrets of the producers. All of your Technical details, formulas and production processes are safe. Any leakage of confidential information to third parties is strictly forbidden and prohibited.

Our most important task is to complete your work as soon as possible, we know its importance and responsive about this.

After Certification; Customer Support and Consulting issues by E-marketci and EMCC Group will remain whole certification period. Companies which export product to Russia sometimes have problems during customs clearance, because some GOST Certificates were issued through other less professional organizations.

Our formulation of certificates does not allow these kind of difficulties and we guarantee the quality of our Certificates. All depends on a good preliminary engineering work and high-level service understanding.

During the certification period, most of our customers are actively shipping products to Russia. If any inconvenient situation appears regarding certification, we shall support our customer until founding the desired solution. If necessary, issued certificates can be replaced immediately.