Certification of Chemicals (SGR) in Customs Union

General Information

State Registration of Products created by Russian Authorities to provide a separate coverage of control over the products which cannot be easily controlled by classical Hygienic Certification, applied in last 15 years.

State Registration Certificates are issued for serial production once, and validation will not expire.


On the other hand, the establishment of Euro-Asian Economic Community (EURASEC) forced the Russian Government to provide a common application in custom clearance; which is accepted by other members: Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.

As a result, under all of these political and economical developments in the region, State Registration of some products started being required in Russia and Decision of Commission about certain products is published on 28th of May 2010 with the #299.

If you would like to check the necessity of State Registration of your products, you may contact us, this information will be provided by EMCC GROUP free of charge.

SGR certification require a local Applicant Company, which is representing the Producers abroad. This company should be registered in the territory of Customs Union; our Russian Company EMCC GROUP Ltd. is registered in Moscow, Russia and serves foreign producers to obtain this requirement.

Application Fields of State Registration Certificates

State Registration Certificates are required for certain products;

  • In the Customs Union Country borders,
  • As a prior Certification for other Certificates,
  • Retail Market in Russia and Customs Union.

According to the Decision Of Euro-Asian Economic Community Commission (#299, dated 28th May, 2010) the main fields of this application are written below:

  • Mineral Water, Bottled Water (Excluding the water intended for children foodstuff)
  • Alcoholic Drinks, including less-alcohol ingredient beverages and beer
  • Tonic-based energy drinks and beverages
  • Genetically modified Milk and Meat products, by additional proteins, additives, other elements
  • Food additives and genetically modified other foodstuff
  • Home Chemicals (cleaning materials, detergents, disinfection stuff etc.)
  • Packing Materials (including paper) contacting with foodstuff (excluding dishes, kitchen equipment, food production machinery)
  • Cosmetic Products (excluding sun protective creams, skin whitener products, paint-tattoos, hair coloring and cleaning products)
  • Toothpastes and toothbrushes, similar oral hygiene products
  • Tobacco Products, related accessories
  • Personal Hygienic Items for adults and children: dishes, cups or any food covers for children until 3 years old, child cleaning subjects, children underwear textiles
  • Water Treatment Equipment (including purified water systems filters and other tools)
  • Paints, Varnishes, their thinners, filling materials, enamels.

Procedure Of State Registration Certification

State Registration Certificates are issued by ROSPATREBNADZOR (Federal Service for Supervision in the Area of Consumer Rights and Welfare Protection). Our close relations with this organization enables us to provide this Certificate more efficiently.

We apply following steps:

  • Application to EMCC GROUP Moscow Central Office or any branches.
  • Obtaining necessary documentation by the Producer. (You may contact us to check necessary documentation)
  • Obtaining samples (In some cases, samples may not required)

By means of these documentation, EMCC will provide the State Registration Certificate within shortest available time frame.