23 Years in Russian GOST and TR CU (EAC) Certifications

EMCC GROUP, which provides Russian GOST and other TR CU (EAC) Certificates and Approvals, successfully completed its 23rd year of service in this field.

During this time, thousands of companies around the world have preferred  EMCC GROUP as a reliable partner and problem-solver in quality certification field for Russia and other Customs Union Countries.

If you wish to be sure of the documents and services you will order for your exporting shipments, EMCC GROUP will support your company in all steps of certification process and during the certification period.

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Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation of June 19, 2021 No. 936 “On the procedure for registration, suspension, renewal and termination of the declaration of conformity, invalidation and suspension, renewal and termination of certificates, invalidating them” was adopted. number determines the procedure for specifying when registering declarations of conformity UNP / GLN (unique company number / Global Location Number, global location number, hereinafter referred to as GLN) and international GTIN code (Global Trade Item Number, hereinafter referred to as GTIN). .

The decision establishes that the name and location of the manufacturer of products, the address (addresses) of places (locations) of activities for the production of products, including the GLN indicator, are indicated in the application for registration. Declarations in case of declaration of conformity of products manufactured outside the territory of the Russian Federation and member states of the Eurasian Economic Union.

The application also contains information about the lack of information about the GLN or another individual identifier that automatically identifies the address (addresses) of the place(s) of production activity. The individual identifier should be included in the list established by the national accreditation body based on the information provided by the applicants, taking into account the existence of an agreement with the registration authority (system operator) that assigned the relevant identifiers.

In the absence of information about the GLN or other individual identifier, the application will indicate the geographic (geocentric) coordinates (latitude, longitude) of the location(s) of the production activity as determined by signals from the GLONASS Global Navigation Satellite System.

The GTIN is indicated in the application for registration of the declaration, if any, and, at the applicant’s choice, in the information that allows it to be identified about the object of the declaration.